The Direct Impact of Your Contribution

Are you passionate about helping youth feel empowered, confident, and able to experience more connection in their lives?
We are!

If you’re like us, you’re stunned by the recent acts of violence in our communities. It's an intense time.  We want the world to be a safer, more loving place; and we believe this needs to begin with our kids.

Your generous contribution will have an impact in the following ways: 


  1. You will allow us to continue operation – without your support we will not be able to do so

  2. You will  increase our program offerings from 3 summer camps a year to 5 summer camps a year.  And allow us to add more workshops and performances.  Our lack of funding has limited the number of students we can accept.  This past summer all of our camps filled-up. Adding more programs will allow more youth to participate

  3. You will allow us to hire two full-time paid staff members focused on program development and financial sustainability

  4. You will provide funding for community outreach to increase program diversity

  5. You will allow us to offer scholarships to youth in need and maintain our mission of turning no student away for an inability to pay