Amaya Alvarado

12ca94b6-31ac-4dc9-a705-a542fad1a1d1Amaya Alvarado is a multidisciplinary circus artist with a passion for art, life, social justice and  human connection.

Amaya has travelled around the world studying, teaching and performing Circus, Dance, and Yoga since 2010. She has completed both professional training programs at The New England Center for Circus Arts (NECCA) as well as their aerial teacher training workshops. She is co-creator of the new contemporary circus theatre ensemble Show Tinder and Ash, which made its debut in Montreal in January 2015. 

As a performer, Amaya seeks to make art that matters in the world and inspires people. As a teacher, she seeks to uplift, empower, and facilitate experiences of joyful spontaneity and growth.